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Metal-Free Fillings

Metal-Free, Tooth-Colored Fillings in Saratoga Springs, NY Fix cavities or replace old mercury amalgams with tooth-colored fillings. The aesthetic results are beyond compare: replacing metal fillings creates teeth that look as fresh, white, and natural as when they first grew in. Chewing puts incredible stresses on teeth. That's why (in [...]

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Affordable Teeth Whitening

One of the biggest reasons why many people put off visiting the dentist has to do with cost. Not everyone has great dental insurance, and the thought of having to pay for services to correct problems with teeth leaves some people putting off their visits indefinitely. It is not necessarily [...]

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Whitening Can Improve Your Smile

Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your Smile In The New Year! Many New Year resolutions focus on looking and feeling better. Whether it is exercise, eating better or getting some overdue dental work, you may want to work on your health and self-esteem in 2018. Teeth whitening and cosmetic dentistry in [...]

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Common Cosmetic Treatments

Quick Guide: What Cosmetic Dental Treatments Are Often Used? Our dentists in Saratoga Springs, NY offers numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments. They all have their advantages, and many of them can be used to treat the same problem. If you are unsure of which procedure to go with, schedule a consultation [...]

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Dental Procedures to Improve Your Smile

Many people suffer from low self-esteem and an overall lack of confidence due to their smile. While it may seem like a minor issue to some, other people struggle to feel beautiful and happy without having a big, toothy grin. It is an understandable concern because your mouth is the [...]

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Properly Adjusting Crowns

The Importance of Properly Adjusting Crowns (Porcelain, Gold and Zirconium) When a dentist is ready to cement a crown it is important to verify the fit of the crown first. First of all the prepared tooth must be thoroughly cleaned of any debris from left over temporary cement particles that [...]

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Crowns In Dentistry

Dentistry has been practiced for over 4,600 years. The earliest known reference to a dentist is that of an Egyptian scribe known as Hesy-Re who has an inscription on his tomb that reads “the greatest of those who deal with teeth, and of physicians.” Some of the earliest crowns were [...]

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