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Our doctors and team at Springs Dental are proud to provide educational blog articles related to Emergency Dentistry.

Local Emergency Dentist

It's Thanksgiving and I Cracked My Tooth! Teeth are very strong, but they can break and chip. Interestingly, a cracked tooth might not hurt when you bite down. It’s when you release the bite that you feel the pain. Your tongue might notice a broken or chipped tooth before you [...]

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Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth can be very problematic for a patient. Often there are twinges that the patient feels when they bite down on certain foods and the food presses in a certain direction that aggravates the cracked cusp. These cracks are often not visible with the naked eye. Dentists who [...]

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Emergencies Seen on Fridays

Dr. Mark Moskowitz recently went to our office in Saratoga Springs on a Friday to see a full schedule of patients. Unlike many other dentist offices in the surrounding area of Clifton Park, Greenwich, Greenfield, Hudson Falls, Schenectady, Albany, Queensbury, Glens Falls, Schuylerville, Lake George etc. we don’t close on [...]

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How Far Would You Drive?

When I worked in Queensbury, NY for 24 years, I used to have patients travel from over an hour and a half to come to me for their dental care. Their reasons varied but I was always thrilled to see them because it meant that I was doing something right. [...]

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Saturday Emergency Dentist

Dentist Open On Saturday At Springs Dental, Dr. Stanley J. Lis and Dr. Joshua S. Bronner provide experienced dental care to all of their patients every day. Saratoga Springs, NY is fortunate to have dentists like Dr. Stanley J. Lis and Dr. Joshua S. Bronner, who offer routine and emergency [...]

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