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Guard Against Gum Disease

More than half of adult Americans have gum disease. Poor nutrition causes much of it, with neglect contributing a share. Gum disease has been linked to heart disease, with doctors suggesting that bacteria from gums moves into the bloodstream and then to the heart, in turn, causing increased rate of [...]

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Your Mouth and Gum Disease

"A Family Affair" Think of the great things you've passed along to your kids: sense of humor, charm, style, wit—why, the list could go on and on of course! Unfortunately, some of the things that get passed from parent to child aren't that great. One is a predisposition towards periodontitis, [...]

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National Gum Care Month

Give your gums a little extra care during National Gum Care Month. The gums that support your teeth contribute to your beautiful smile. However, without proper care, they are highly prone to infection. In honor of National Gum Care Month, it is a good time to recommit to a proper [...]

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