3 Signs Your Dentist Is a Good Communicator

Have you ever been to a dental office, sat down in the chair and had your dentist get right to work with nary a hello? While their dedication to the work is great, in this situation you may be left unsure of what your treatment plan is, what the doctor is doing, or even why. This is a tell-tale sign that your doctor needs to become a good dental communicator.

Consider the following three signs your dentist is a keeper and gets it right with communicating.

1. They know you personally

If your doctor takes the time to remember your name and what you have going on in your life, chances are that he cares enough to make communication a priority. Good dentists use their time with patients to find out what they can about their lives, easing their fears, and transitioning into teaching their patients about new treatment plans, what procedures entail, and the costs associated with those treatments.

2. They ask you questions

Asking questions is key to learning how you feel about your dental needs, what you believe those needs are, and how you want to achieve your oral health goals. It is also the best way for a dentist to learn if you understand the procedure and the areas in which you may need a little more information. Great dentists will not begin treatment until they make certain that patients understand the procedure, any pain they may experience, pain treatment, and the costs associated with any plan.

3. They follow up

They follow up asking you point blank if you have any questions may not be the best way to communicate with many people, because they may not want to be a bother. Good dentists overcome this by reassuring patients throughout the visit that communication is important to them, and inviting it at every opportunity.

It is undeniable that communication is key between all dental professionals and their patients. It is simply impossible for an adequate dental treatment plan, to be created and carried out without effective communication. If you live in or are visiting the Saratoga Springs, NY area and are in need of dental treatment, contact our office to learn how Dr. Stanley J. Lis and Dr. Joshua S. Bronner make communication a priority in patient care, every time.