When I worked in Queensbury, NY for 24 years, I used to have patients travel from over an hour and a half to come to me for their dental care. Their reasons varied but I was always thrilled to see them because it meant that I was doing something right.

Some of these patients just wanted to have a dentist that would treat them as a person and not an object. They wanted quality care they could depend on to last a long time and they wanted it done painlessly. Other patients wanted a dentist that would not judge them no matter what condition their mouth was in. I am always honored to see any patient, even those who have not been able to keep their mouths in good condition. I believe that it is my job to here to help any person who is ready to care for their oral health whenever they are ready. I am just happy they have chosen me to help them, whenever they are ready.

Some patients came to me with phobias caused by previous dentists. They often explained that they always needed more novocaine and that the procedures were often painful with the other dentists. Many of these patients had their subsequent dental work done by me and later told me that if they knew it could have been done this comfortably, they would have had it done sooner and would not have lost as many teeth. They said that they wished they discovered me years ago.

The worst thing a dentist can do to a patient is to continue working when the patient is feeling pain. To do this is to torture someone. That is reminiscent of the seen from Marathon Man with Dustin Hoffman. No person should be subjected to that type of behavior by a dentist or any other person. If a patient feels pain, they are not adequately numb and there is a reason for it. More often than not, the anesthetic is not in the correct location(s). It is the dentist’s responsibility to be knowledgeable enough to know where to place the anesthetic to make the experience pain free.

After practicing in Queensbury for 24 years, I relocated to Springs Dental, in Saratoga Springs. I chose a location very close to Exit 15 on the Northway to make it very convenient for patients to get to us. We are next door to Kohl’s department store and Wilton Mall and Target are only a couple of blocks away.

Since we are open until 5 pm and Saturdays until 1 pm, we are available when many other dentists are not. One Saturday we had a patient travel to us from 2 hours away to extract teeth that were causing a severe and painful infection when no other offices were open. Patients have found their way to us after infections progressed so rapidly as to lead them to the emergency room. There is no need to wait from Friday to Monday anymore when Dr. Stanley J. Lis and Dr. Joshua S. Bronner can care for you when other offices are closed on Thursday nights, Fridays and Saturdays. Why wait and suffer sleepless nights and the risk of severe infections? Get the relief you deserve and be healthier for it! Springs Dental in Saratoga Springs is accessible from Albany, Schenectady, troy, Clifton Park, Queensbury, Glens Falls and Lake George. Patients from all of these locations are welcome on the days we’re open and the other dental offices are not.

A textbook on root canals described dental nerve pain as “one of the most excruciating acute pains known to humanity, comparable to otic abscess, renal colic, and childbirth. If every dentist personally experienced the pain of advanced acute pulpalgia, he would be a more sympathetic practitioner for the experience. This patient is in exquisite agony and sometimes becomes hysterical from the pain. The patient often is crying and virtually unmanageable.” How far would you drive for relief of such pain? Half an hour? One hour? Two hours? I have patients who travel two hours to me when they are not in pain. It is fortunate for those that are suffering that we are far less than two hours away, often times only a 30-45 minute drive. This is quite a short distance to travel for relief when other offices are closed on a Friday, Saturday or Thursday night in Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Clifton Park, Queensbury, Glens Falls and Lake George. I am always honored to be able to help people suffering from such terrible agony obtain immediate and complete pain relief and to be able to do so in a painless manner. I am blessed to have the ability to be able to help others in this way. If you have not seen our video testimonials, please view them on our Reviews page.