A very common thing patients need to do is to figure out how to choose a good dentist. Having been a dentist for 28 years, I have begun to think about that question more and more. The most creative way one patient undertook to find me many years ago was to call a large dental lab and ask the best crown and bridge technician who worked there, “who is the dentist that is most demanding when it comes to attention to detail and a perfectionist when it comes to his/her work ?” When my patient told me that this was how he found me and this was the same reason he drove over an hour to get to me, I chuckled because it was the most creative way anyone has come to me. He drove past literally 100 other offices on his way to me. In fact the same lab technician who owns that lab has himself traveled to have his own dental work done by me; and it takes him over an hour to get to me as well.

I have been a patient myself in need of dental work and I have encountered the same dilemma of how to find a good dentist to treat me. In considering this task, I realized that although patients can evaluate the way a dentist and his staff have treated them and how comfortable they were during the procedure, the patient cannot know how thorough the dentist was at removing the decay, how well sealed the margin of the restoration is, how well condensed the restoration was, etc. In short, having not performed dental procedures themselves, patients must only hope that the dentist they choose is thorough, precise and very adept at the procedures he/she performs.

When I searched for a dentist to do work in my mouth, I chose to use the same method that my aforementioned patient did many years ago. I called my best crown and bridge technician and asked him “Who does the best, most detail-oriented work besides myself?” I then spoke to other dentists about their opinion of the dentist I was thinking of going to. I figured that a dentist who performs dental procedures every day would be the best person to evaluate the quality of work of another dentist. I have performed dental work for numerous dentists who have chosen to come to me, a number of them are themselves specialists in various areas of dentistry. There is no higher professional compliment than when experts in your field choose to have their care entrusted to you.

If you are not a dentist and you do not have dentist colleagues to consult, the next best way to choose a dentist is by simply researching what people say. These days the internet provides us with so much more information than the yellow pages of the olden days. If you go to the web page of a dentist you are considering as your choice, read the comments patients have written, listen to the video testimonials patients have allowed the office to post. They speak volumes about a patient’s satisfaction with their dentist. Our patients have spoken and you can view them on our website on our Reviews page.

I have some patients who drive 2 hours to get to me and I am so honored that they choose to do this. I believe in the Golden Rule and as such I will always treat others as I would want to be treated myself.

When I chose to open our dental practice in Saratoga Springs, I selected a location that was very convenient and accessible to patients. Being located right next to Kohl’s Department store and Wilton Mall is something our patients are pleased about. We are literally only two minutes from exit 15 on the Northway.

I am always very happy to meet a new patient because I feel honored that they have chosen me to care for them. I am also ecstatic when patients I have known over the years in Queensbury and the north country choose to travel to my new location in Saratoga Springs at exit 15 next door to Kohl’s Department store at 75 Weibel Avenue. When many patients who I have treated for years up north decide to drive the extra distance to me for their dental care, it is validation to me that I have done good work over the years and that patients appreciate that good work. I am always touched to see the many familiar friendly faces of the patients that have decided to follow me to Saratoga Springs. May we all make the best choices and get the best results!