3 Reasons to Ask Your Dentist for Digital X-rays

If you have ever gone to the dentist and had to have X-rays taken of your teeth and gums, you probably understand how uncomfortable and inconvenient they could be. However, in recent years, advances in technology have made digital imaging of your teeth much easier to accomplish.

Less Radiation Exposure

While any type of X-ray will emit some radiation, digital X-rays have much lower levels than traditional ones. In fact, they typically have 80 percent lower radiation than traditional X-rays. While most people never have issues when exposed to radiation, the exposure can be problematic for some people. Children, pregnant women or people with certain sensitivities especially benefit from lower radiation levels.

More Comfortable

Traditional X-rays can be time-consuming and uncomfortable when you factor in lead bibs and the biting down, which can cause tiny cuts inside the mouth and lead to cramps in the jaw. Digital X-rays use a sensor inside the mouth that uses a thin wire to connect directly to the computer. The sensor, which can be moved around your mouth, sends images of your teeth directly to the computer and is much more comfortable than traditional imaging methods. The result is a faster and less invasive procedure.

Better Quality

Digital X-rays are of a higher quality than their older counterparts. The technology allows for images to be viewed in just a few seconds, which means patients get through appointments much faster. Digital images are also easier to resize according to need and won’t distort the graphic and risk losing important information such as images of decayed spots or other abnormalities.

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