The philosophy of dental care at Springs Dental.

I have witnessed numerous incidents of mature adults who are terrified of going to the dentist. So many people have been traumatized by dentists over the years. I truly feel that the abusive treatment of patients by some dentists has been a shameful mark on the profession of dentistry. As dentists, we are obligated to strive to improve the dental health of patients without harming the patient. When a patient suffers a traumatic experience at the hands of an abusive dentist, that dentist has now caused emotional harm. This emotional harm is no less devastating than any physical harm. Many times this emotional harm is so devastating that it haunts the patient for a lifetime and often affects the patient’s ability to see any dentist for even routine dental care.

Some of these emotionally injured patients, submit themselves to decay and infections that lead to the loss of their teeth, due to the fear they feel as a direct result of the pain inflicted upon them against their will in the past. Usually, the history is one of a dentist who forcibly continued to work on a tooth when the patient was feeling pain. Sometimes the dentist always hurt them or was rude, judgmental and condescending.

I don’t know how such dentists stayed in business to torment so many. I frequently hear stories from patients who were treated in such a poor fashion and many such incidents are still occurring. I don’t know how such things were allowed to continue, or how such things still do continue. Every time I encounter an adult patient who starts trembling or sobbing when I simply walk into the room to greet them, I feel horrible for the patient who is obviously suffering emotionally.

Maybe, in this age of social media it is easier for the “buyer (patient) to beware” because we have access to the opinions of many patients who have already been treated at dental practices. Patients can now publicly state how they feel about any health care provider without fear of actions being taken against them. Patients seeking a good dentist can benefit greatly by listening to what real patients have to say before they entrust their own care to a new dentist. Maybe this will enable patients to avoid dentists who do not treat their patients like they deserve to be treated.

Some dental offices are so large, the patient does not see the same hygienist or even the same dentist at their appointments and this can result in less personal care. I have heard stories from patients who describe dentists who have literally said that their time is money and they don’t have time to show the patient their crown before it is cemented in the patient’s mouth. I cannot understand how such a dentist would even be hired by these large practices nor how they are permitted to continue to work there and treat patients like objects and dollar signs. My guess is that some offices lose sight of the most important goal of treating people like they would want to be treated themselves and are under too much pressure from corporate to produce more profit.

At our practice, Springs Dental, in Saratoga Springs, NY, patients will never be treated like an object or a dollar sign. It must be very hard for the large commercial dental chains to supervise and enforce policies of quality and compassionate patient care when the average time a dentist works in such offices is very short and their dentists and hygienists have no personal interest in the practice and its reputation. Our office is a small and comfortable one with a high degree of quality control, attention to detail and personal care. Patients will never be treated in a way that is demeaning, cruel or inconsiderate.

Our goal is for every patient, who comes to us for care, to want to recommend us to their family and friends. This will only happen when patients are treated well in every way. Our office exists to care for people and not to take advantage of them or abuse them. We work every day to dispel the myths and stigmas we hear about dentistry from patients who have been treated badly elsewhere.

The first advantage in choosing Dr. Stanley J. Lis and Dr. Joshua S. Bronner at Springs Dental in Saratoga Springs, NY for your family is quality dental care. Quality means different things to different people. In our practice, it means dental work that lasts, functions well and is provided in a very respectful and caring environment, performed with minimal discomfort (even painlessly in most cases). Sometimes it’s worth the short drive from Queensbury, Greenfield, Schuylerville, Clifton Park, Ballston Spa and other areas to come to a dentist who treats you like he would want to be treated if he were the patient.