Post wisdom teeth extraction information.

Wisdom teeth are a third set of molars that erupt at the very back of the mouth when a person is in their late teens or early 20’s. This can cause aching that is mild at first but can become pronounced if teeth are unable to emerge. Most people will require wisdom teeth removal eventually. The Springs Dental team, Dr. Stanley J. Lis and Dr. Joshua S. Bronner, in particular, want you to feel comfortable about wisdom teeth removal. This is a treatment that many adults go through to resolve the pain and discomfort caused by impacted wisdom teeth.

What to expect

Wisdom teeth removal is a straightforward procedure. Extraction takes place here in our regular office so you do not need to travel to a new location. Here is what you can expect when you arrive for your appointment:

  • Patients will first be told about the procedure and have the opportunity to ask any particular questions of their care team.
  • Anesthesia will be administered; once it takes full effect the surgery will begin.
  • The oral surgeon removes the wisdom teeth and closes the surgical site.
  • The patient returns to full consciousness. Because the effects of anesthesia may last for several hours, patients will need to arrange safe transportation home following their appointment.
  • You may receive a prescription for medication to help with pain management. Over the counter remedies can also help.
  • Some initial discomfort is normal and you may notice some light bleeding on the first day following extraction.
  • Use cold compresses to manage swelling.

The first week following extraction is likely to be the most uncomfortable part of the recovery period, especially during the first two or three days. Choose soft foods to avoid irritating sensitive oral tissue and drink plenty of water.

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Wisdom teeth removal is nothing to be afraid of. We can help make sure this experience is as comfortable and hassle-free as possible. Contact Springs Dental today to schedule your appointment.