I have seen a lot in my 27 years of doing dentistry and I have come to the definite conclusion that “What you don’t know, can hurt you”. It may be that most dentists are lovely people and some may be very personable and very pleasant to talk to when patients see them twice a year. However, not all of them approach dental care in the same manner and often it is the patient who suffers as a result; without even knowing it.

Many people, for example, are losing bone around their teeth to periodontal disease but don’t realize it because it is often a painless process. The only way to know if this is happening to some teeth is to do a complete periodontal pocket charting approximately once a year. If this is not done and the dentist does not review this at annual recall appointments, patients may be suffering bone loss without even realizing it and may be missing an opportunity to try to prevent it from continuing. It is not an easy thing to replace missing bone between teeth so dentists must keep a close eye on the bone levels below the gums and treat periodontal disease when necessary.

At Springs Dental, we carefully check our patients regularly for periodontal disease and perform a cleaning of the root surfaces from the bacteria that cause this disease. We follow this up with regular exams to be sure bone loss is not occurring. Does your dentist do this? Should you stay at that office or change to Springs Dental? Of course this is up to the patient but the patient should at least be fully informed and not be misled to believe everything is ok when it may not be. If you would like a consultation or to take advantage of our new patient special offer at Springs Dental, which includes a complete periodontal charting and exam, visit our contact page or call (518) 633-4446.

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