DIAGNOdent - Saratoga Springs, NY - Detect CavitiesPerhaps no truer statement has ever been uttered than that of an artist only being as good as the tools that are at his or her disposal. Dental care providers, for all of the education, can only be as effective in treating problems like tooth decay as their diagnostic tools allow them to be. Outfit skilled dentists in Saratoga Springs, NY with the most advanced technological resources in the industry, and you will see for yourself (in the quality of your smile) just how artistic dentistry can be.

Introducing DIAGNOdent

One such technology currently being used here at Springs Dental is DIAGNOdent. This treatment aid utilizes laser fluorescence to scan the surface of your teeth for changes in their structure (these represent the beginnings of cavities). This allows it to diagnose cavities with up to 90 percent accuracy even in cases where no visual problems are yet detectable. No other imaging technology (including x-rays) offers this unique advantage.

Why Be Proactive in Your Dental Care?

Admittedly, it may be hard to see the need for extensive dental treatment when you do not appear to be experiencing any problems. However, utilizing DIAGNOdent technology in Saratoga Springs, NY to be proactive in your care offers a number of advantages, including:

·         Better treatment outcomes
·         Reduced dental costs
·         Extending the life of your teeth

Even with the advances seen in dental technology in recent years, treatments for complex dental problems related to tooth decay in Saratoga Springs, NY cannot always return your teeth to a completely healthy state. Thus, it is better to be able to avoid such problems (and the costs associated with them) by spotting and addressing them early. Plus, a DIAGNOdent scan can hardly be considered extensive. Yours can be done following a routine cleaning and is typically over in a couple of minutes.

Why wait for extensive tooth decay to occur when you can effectively identify and remedy it in its earliest stages? DIAGNOdent technology allows our dentists at Springs Dental in Saratoga Springs, NY to do just that. Once a potential problem area has been identified, our team here at Springs Dental stands ready to address it. Give us a call at (518) 633-4446 schedule an appointment online today to learn more about this exciting new diagnostic technology.