Teenage Girl Receiving Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment - Saratoga Springs, NYOne of the biggest reasons why many people put off visiting the dentist has to do with cost. Not everyone has great dental insurance, and the thought of having to pay for services to correct problems with teeth leaves some people putting off their visits indefinitely. It is not necessarily true that dentistry has to be expensive. Cosmetic dentistry in Saratoga Springs, NY, can be affordable and leave you with a dazzling smile – you just need to come in for some professional teeth whitening.


Simple and Inexpensive Teeth Whitening



Cosmetic dentist Dr. Mark Moskowitz offers teeth whitening services that our staff can perform for you during your visit. If you would rather take the teeth whitening into your own hands, we also have at-home kits you can use to achieve the bright smile you are looking for. Either cosmetic dentistry option is simple, and the cost is rather inexpensive for the teeth whitening results that are basically immediate. Our in-office teeth whitening procedure takes approximately an hour to complete, and you will walk out of the office with teeth that are whiter than when you came in. The cost? Just one office visit.



Quick and Effective Teeth Whitening



It is true that you can find whitening products that give you decent results over-the-counter. So, why should you visit a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening? Our products feature more highly concentrated ingredients than what you can find at the average store. This means you see results faster – and do not worry; these cosmetic dentistry products are all safe for your use.



Some of the most effective over-the-counter teeth whitening options take several days or weeks to really see whiter teeth. If you are looking for something to brighten your smile faster, then our teeth whitening services are what you need.



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You can inquire about teeth whitening in Saratoga Springs, NY and our other cosmetic dentistry services at your regular checkup or talk to the staff at Springs Dental learn more. To schedule your visit with Dr. Moskowitz, call (518) 633-4446 or make an appointment online. Contact our office today!