Dentists frequently recommend dental crowns due to their ability to correct a number of issues. The process of attaching them on is also virtually painless. Here are some occasions where you should seriously consider getting a dental crown.

1. Bad Aesthetics

Crowns are commonly used for cosmetic dentistry purposes. Even when nothing is wrong with the overall health of a tooth, you may not be happy with its appearance. Intrinsic discoloration, which can come from genetics, can make a tooth look significantly darker, and it cannot be corrected with standard tooth whitening procedures. A crown can make the tooth look more beautiful and healthier.

2. Chipped or Cracked Teeth

A chipped tooth may not necessarily hurt, but it can make the structure more susceptible to further damage. A crown strengthens the tooth so that additional stress does not make its way to the nerve. Additionally, chipping can lead to increased sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures. For an easier time chewing, you will need a dental crown.

3. Following a Root Canal

A root canal makes the tooth hollow and therefore susceptible to damage. It could crack easily over time. In this instance, the crown lets you chew while safeguarding the structure underneath.

4. Cavities

Tooth decay weakens the overall structure. After significant degradation, the tooth will be more susceptible to bacteria. Some patients will experience multiple cavities in a single tooth, and at a certain point, the tooth will become predominantly fillings. At this point, you will need a crown to cover the tooth because it will be incredibly weak.

Talk to Our Dentist About Your Options

Dental crowns may not be the right treatment for everyone, so you should schedule an appointment with our dentists in Saratoga Springs, NY. Contact Springs Dental to schedule an appointment. You may be surprised to learn how simple it will be to get a new dental crown.