cartoon image of tooth before and after teeth whiteningSmiling is a big part of life. You should be able to smile and laugh freely with family and friends, but some people avoid doing so because they are worried about the state of their teeth. While it is noticeable when a person chooses not to smile, it is important to also remember that smiles affect more than just your appearance – they also affect your mood and self-esteem.


The Link to Confidence and Self-Esteem


Smiling and laughing is good for the body. In fact, laughing releases endorphins that promote a general feeling of well-being in the body. In addition, it works the stomach muscles and actually burns calories. Essentially, your body is getting a workout and your brain is getting a positive boost when you laugh and smile.


If you go out of your way to avoid laughing and smiling, you may be missing out on this boost to your self-esteem. Likewise, your overall confidence may suffer if you are constantly looking for ways to hide your mouth from other people’s view. How can you regain your self-confidence to smile? Cosmetic dentistry in Saratoga Springs, NY may be the answer.


The Appearance of Your Teeth Matters


Cosmetic dental procedures are designed to enhance the appearance of your teeth. If you are hiding your teeth because they are discolored from drinking soda or coffee, smoking, or just from not brushing in a while, then teeth whitening in Saratoga Springs, NY from Drs. Stanley Lis, Mark Moskowitz, and Joshua S. Bronner and the staff at Springs Dental can quickly brighten your smile.


Professional teeth whitening is beneficial because you can often see the results after a single visit, and multiple visits can get your teeth even brighter. While there are over-the-counter solutions available, a professional whitening session is likely to give you faster and better results.


Schedule Treatment Today


Of course, cosmetic dentistry encompasses more than just lightening your teeth. To explore options to repair damaged or missing teeth and more, contact our office and schedule a visit with our dentists right away.