At Springs Dental, Dr. Mark Moskowitz provides experienced dental care to all of his patients every day.  Saratoga Springs, NY is fortunate to have a dentist like Dr. Moskowitz, who offers routine and emergency dental care during the weekdays, Thursday evenings and Saturdays as well.  Many dental offices are closed in the evenings and on weekends.  Springs Dental is happy to provide all dental services to our patients whether they prefer daytime, evening or Saturday hours.  Many times people in today’s world do not want to miss work for their dental care and would rather be seen by their dentist and hygienist on a Saturday or during the evening. Often times it is hard to be taken care of during a dental emergency if it occurs on a Saturday.  Fortunately, residents of Saratoga Springs, NY and in the vicinity now have a dentist available to them on off hours.  

As an experienced and highly skilled dentist who has practiced for 27 years, Dr. Moskowitz is well aware that there is no telling when a toothache or a dental emergency may occur.  That’s why Dr. Moskowitz understands it is important that Saratoga Springs, Wilton, Clifton Park, Cambridge, Greenfield, Glens Falls, Queensbury, Hudson Falls, Gansevoort, Greenwich and Ballston Spa have a dentist who is available to treat emergencies without an appointment and yes, even on a Saturday.  Emergencies require immediate attention; that’s why they’re called emergencies.  

Accordingly, Dr. Moskowitz has chosen to keep Springs Dental open for any person in need of dental care, even on Saturdays.  It does not matter whether you are a patient of another office or not.  Dr. Moskowitz does not want anyone to suffer pain, discomfort, infection or embarrassing situations and will always do whatever he can to help a patient.  Most of the time Dr. Moskowitz will be able to get an emergency patient in on the same day they call.  It does not matter if the emergency is the need for a root canal, wisdom teeth removal, a loose crown or bridge, a broken tooth, pain from a nerve, infection, the need for an extraction or a broken denture or partial.  Nobody should suffer these things and Dr. Moskowitz will do his utmost to help every patient with an emergency.  Saratoga Springs now has a dentist who is open and available on Saturdays and Thursday evenings for routine dentistry as well as emergencies.  More information is available at