Our dentist in Queensbury, NY offers numerous cosmetic dentistry treatments. They all have their advantages, and many of them can be used to treat the same problem. If you are unsure of which procedure to go with, schedule a consultation with our dentist to review all of the following treatments in greater detail.  
Teeth Whitening
Using state-of-the-art bleaching agents and trays, your smile can be several shades brighter at the end of a whitening session. Our dentist recommends this treatment for any individual who has developed surface stains on teeth. These stains can form because you drink too much coffee, smoke regularly or simply do not brush your teeth as often as you should.  
Dental Crowns
Crowns are a unique option within cosmetic dentistry because they can be used for other procedures aside from cosmetic ones. Crowns are recommended for when stains have developed inside a tooth. In these instances, a standard tooth whitening treatment likely would not work. Crowns are also used for when an old dental filling is no longer working the way it should, and they are great for when the structure of a tooth has been altered or damaged in any significant manner.  
Composite Fillings
A filling is needed to fill in cavities before more damage occurs. In the past, these fillings were made out of metals, which was a perfectly fine material for stopping the spread of tooth decay. However, metal fillings tended to stand out in a smile. Our dentist in Queensbury, NY offers composite fillings, which are a more aesthetically-pleasing solution to filling in cavities. The filling will be the same color as the tooth it is going into, so it is not going to be noticeable when you show off your pearly whites.  
Our Dentist Can Help  
If you are ready for a brighter, more attractive smile, then you need to give the office of Dr. Mark Moskowitz a call. We can assist you in fixing a variety of dental problems, so do not hesitate to contact us.