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Christopher's Google Patient Review

A week after Valentine's day I had horrible excruciating tooth pain. My coworker, who is a patient of Dr. Mark called him. On his day off, Dr. Mark met a complete stranger and then spent 4 hours performing a root canal. I was blown away by Dr. Mark's care and dedication. He even called me at home that same evening to ask how I was. Yesterday, I went back for a crown. I have had crowns in the past but they always felt like a foreign body. The crown that Dr. Mark just did is amazing!!! It feels like a real tooth. It takes a lot for someone to impress me, but Dr. Mark is exceptional and he sets the standard for dentistry.

- Christopher Rayder

5 out of 5 stars by Christopher Rayder on 07/03/2015


Maura's Google Patient Review


I've had a few uncomfortable or mediocre experiences with dentists, so I switched to Dr. Stanley Lis this year. At Springs Dental, I always feel like I'm getting the best care. There's never a long wait, they are friendly and personable, and Dr. Stanley Lis is always honest, gentle, and courteous. I've had a few cavities filled and a crown put on, and I felt no pain through each procedure. Carrie, who works at the front desk, jumped through a few hoops to get in touch with my insurance company, which I really appreciated.

- Maura B.

5 out of 5 stars by Maura B. on 09/08/2015

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