Advanced Dental Services & Technology – Saratoga Springs, NY

Simplifying Dentistry with Leading-Edge Equipment

Technology seems to be evolving more rapidly than ever before, and dental technology is no exception. Our team at Springs Dental stays up to date with the latest and greatest innovations in the field of dentistry. That way, we can make sure your time in our dental office is efficient, safe, and comfortable from start to finish. Below, you can learn more about some of the advanced technology we use to improve your overall experience.

State of the art dental treatment room

Intraoral Camera

Dentist holding intraoral camera

It’s often difficult to see certain areas of the mouth with a dental mirror alone, but with an intraoral camera, we can capture high-resolution images in real-time. Not only do these images lead to more precise diagnoses, but they are also shown on a chairside monitor, giving you visual insight into why we may recommend certain treatments. You’ll have greater confidence when it comes to making decisions regarding your oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays

Traditional film X-rays take time to develop, but digital X-rays are more efficient and produce higher-quality images almost instantly. Digital X-ray technology allows us to pinpoint the source of an oral health problem much more quickly and with greater accuracy, increasing the odds of successful treatment. Additionally, they don’t rely on harsh chemicals that harm the environment, and they emit significantly less radiation, making them safer for our patients as well as our team members.

Digital Impression System

Digital impression system

If you’ve ever had a dental crown, nightguard, or other restoration or appliance made, you’re probably familiar with having to bite down on a piece of putty to create an impression. This process can be lengthy and uncomfortable, and it even causes many patients to gag. That’s why we use a digital impression system. By digitally scanning your mouth, the device creates precise measurements of your teeth that lead to the perfect fit.